Authorized Dealer of Roof Maxx

Roof Maxx is a low-pressure treatment that extends your roof’s life by 5 years per treatment, and up to 15 years with repeated treatments.Keep your roof looking great by slowing down the aging process!

Roof Maxx is a all-natural bio-based oil that re-saturates dry roof shingles so they remain flexible and waterproof. Millions of micro beads of oil penetrate deep down into the shingle’s essential waterproofing layer to add five additional years of waterproofing protection. Because Roof Maxx is organic, it’s 100% safe for people, pets, property and the environment. Get your roof treated with Roof Maxx.

Commercial property owners can now extend the life of
aged roofs for just a fraction of the cost of a new roof.

Roof Maxx uses Soy-Fusion Technology which allows millions of micro beads of biobased soy oil to penetrate the top protective gravel coating into the shingle’s essential layer of waterproofing asphalt. Roof Maxx’s rejuvenating oil quickly restores flexibility to allow for proper expansion and contraction to ensure maximum life and protection.